KEY HOUSE.Sword Lion

KEY HOUSE.Sword Lion


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KeyHouse Customizable Storage Gift

KeyHouse Customizable Storage Gift
KeyHouse Customizable Storage Gift


According to the legend, during the time Zheng Chenggong defended the Dutch in 1661; the soldiers hung their shields, which were carved with lion face, on the wall. Then the soldiers hung their swords in lion’s mouth. It appears from distance that the lion was biting a sword. From there, people believed the Sword-Lion could protect them from bandits and was a symbol to ward off evil spirits.
In addition, different sword position indicates different things, if the sword handle is facing left means “bringing luck” and if the sword handle is facing right means “dispelling evil”.

Customization Notes|

  1. Reminder:Squirrel can only be engraved in the key ring, but no included the chestnut (lettering position are fixed can not choose)
  2. Please specify the word you would like to be etched, and the designers will match it with a font.
  3. The word count is limited in 10 for Chinese while 20 for English. As merchandise sizes are different from each style, the exact word count can be changed.
  4. For example of“Bird Nest“customization, we can etch 「Lovely Home」on the key house and 「Sweety」 at the back of keyring, with font 2.

KeyHouse Customizable Storage Gift
KeyHouse Customizable Storage Gift

KEY HOUSE can be secured right by your door, so you can hang up your keys with the key ring as soon as you get home.

KeyHouse Customizable Storage Gift

Specifications of the Product|

  1. Package Size:
    11cm X 16cm X 1.5cm
  2. Product quality:
    Wood X Maple X Metal
  3. Manufacturing origin:
KeyHouse Customizable Storage Gift

How Fixed |

3M adhesive included(2kg)


  1. Please avoid placing the Key House in an excessively lit or overly humid location.
  2. The product is made of solid wood, so each piece will be unique in shade and grain due to differences in the trees’ environment during growth.
  3. The product has been coated in three layers of waterproofing paint. You don’t have to worry about it getting wet in the rain, but it would be better to dry it off.

Simple is beautiful.

Designer | Mei-Shin


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