• Business Card Display Stand

Business Card Display Stand

  • NT150

  • Ex Tax: NT150
  • Brand: 甘丹創新
  • Product Code: CARD01
  • Availability: 有貨
≣ Product story |So that you can lightly accommodate small things,Simple and beautiful.≣ Free Customization | ≣ Font selection |≣ Customization Notes | 1. Please specify the word you...

Tags: Mobile phone holder/Simple

≣ Product story |
So that you can lightly accommodate small things,
Simple and beautiful.

≣ Free Customization | 

≣ Font selection |

≣ Customization Notes | 
1. Please specify the word you would like to be etched, and the designers will match it with a font.
2. Please note: If you do not specify the font type, we will use the default font number 2.
3. Word limit Chinese 10 words, English 20 words.
4. EX:Font 1/⎡ Amy'Restaurant ⎦

≣ Specifications of the Product |
1. Product Size:10cm⨉3.4cm⨉3.4cm
2. Product quality: Japanese Cedar 
3. Manufacturing origin:DESIGN & MADE form TAIWAN

≣ Product Package |
In view of environmental awareness, the product do not wrap up wastefully. Notify us if it is ordered as a present.

Simple is beautiful.


≣ Processing Time |
-After the order is confirmed, we'll start the customized design. 
-Production time: 1-2 days for original products; 2-5 days for customized products 
-Delivery time: 2-5 days for provinces in China; for other countries please confirm with us through personal message.
-For any further questions, feel free to leave us a message!

≣ Policy of Returns and Refunds |
-Buyer can apply for Return & Refund within 7 days after receiving the defect product. Inform us the request with reasons, which are indispensable in the message. 
-Customized products can only return because of defects rather than an order mistake.
-The buyer has to take charge of the whole delivery fee, including returning postage.

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